Are you in a custody battle with your divorce?

Child custody is a critical component to family law and divorce or separation. It defines the relationship between a parent and child along with the parent's duty and ability to make decisions. Child custody is sometimes referred to as parenting schedule or parenting time.

There are several forms of child custody. Such as:

  • Joint
  • Split
  • Sole
  • Shared
  • Alternating
  • Third-party

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There are other types of custody to consider and we recommend discussing all your options with your attorney. Based on your needs and circumstances your attorney will recommend one of the many types in order to satisfy all parties including the child's best interests.

The age of the child involved will also determine how schedules and child custody in general is defined by the court. Typically younger children require more time with each parent on a frequently alternating schedule. Older children, such as teenagers, require longer time with each parent but less frequent schedule of back and forth between homes.

Breen Law Office & Mediation prides itself on consideration of the child and overall well being during a divorce or separation. We consider this to be one of the most critical components during this process to ensure as much equal time between parents and stability for the child's growth and development.

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