Getting Divorced Can be Complicated

Our family law expert makes the process easy

Deciding to get a divorce is a big decision, and the lawyer at Breen Law Offices & Mediation understands how emotional this time is. Our attorney has been helping residents in her hometown of North Adams keep a level head throughout the process involving any legal matter related to family law since 2004.

In Massachusetts, divorce is split into two categories fault or no-fault, and either can be contested or uncontested. Regardless of whichever one is your best option, there are numerous forms to file, including forms for:

• A no-fault divorce where both agree on all decisions
• A no-fault divorce in which both parties don’t agree or only one is filing
• A fault divorce
• If you have minor children
• Affidavit of Indigency
• Child Support Guidelines Deviation
• Motion to Waive Attendance at Parent Education Program
• Motion for Temporary Orders

Don’t let the mountain of paperwork cause you to become frustrated, adding more to the already tense situation. Count on the legal professional at Breen Law Offices & Mediation to guide you through the judicial system and protect your rights throughout the family law proceeding.

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