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Child custody disputes primarily involve the parents of the child or children involved but grandparents can also have their say in visitation and sometimes the custody of the child. Grandparents play a huge role in the upbringing of a child and grandparents are entitled to visitation rights and if they're the primary caretaker.

Visitation and Custody rights for grandparents are determined from a number of different factors.

  • What is the relationship between the child and the grandparent?
  • What is the relationship between the parent and the grandparent?
  • Are there any concerns? For example alcoholism or abuse.
  • Does the visitation interfere with the upbringing of the child?
  • Is it the best situation for the child?
  • And many more factors...

Breen Law Office & Mediation can protect your rights as a grandparent.

Most people aren't aware of grandparent rights in custody cases. If your grandchild is in the middle of a custody battle and you are concerned for your visitation rights, call Breen Law Office and Mediation. Jennifer Breen, Attorney at Law, will meet with you and go over your case. She will educate you on the rights you have as a grandparent and build a case to best represent you in the custody battle.

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