Who Handles Slip and Falls in North Adams, MA?

Who Handles Slip and Falls in North Adams, MA?

Breen Law Office & Mediation is home to the personal injury lawyer you need

Every property owner has a responsibility to keep their public areas clean, safe and free of debris. If you suffer a slip and fall accident at work, at a business, or at someone else’s home, don’t wait to contact an attorney. The personal injury lawyer at Breen Law Office & Mediation deals with slip and falls in the North Adams, MA area.

We’ll help you determine if the business or property owner was negligent. The strength of your case will rest on whether:

  • The owner had a duty to warn you about a hazardous area
  • The owner failed to carry out that responsibility
  • That failure resulted in your injury
When you slip and fall on someone else’s property, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer immediately after you seek medical attention. Call 413-663-8100 today to speak with a slip and fall attorney in North Adams, MA.

You deserve fair compensation

Breen Law will make sure your interests are aggressively pursued. Insurance companies attempt to pay off victims at a low rate to put the matter behind them. In many cases, long-term damage from slip and fall injuries isn’t taken into account, and can lead to further financial hardships down the road.

We’ll fight for a fair settlement that safeguards your future. Contact Breen Law Office & Mediation today for a personal injury lawyer who handles slip and fall cases in North Adams, MA.